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Identifying the Differences Between Four Major Social Media Outlets

Updated: Mar 1

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is best used for people who want to grow their professional network. Users tend to build their profile in college and keep it up-to-date when looking to find new job opportunities. LinkedIn is also a great tool for businesses-to-business (B2B) marketing. Business owners/managers use LinkedIn to represent their company, share articles, find new hires, and network with other businesses. When leveraged correctly, LinkedIn can help you get connected and stay connected with the right people for your industry.

2. Facebook

Facebook is one of the top social networking platforms. For businesses, it is a great way to keep your audience engaged. A lot of people tend to look up a business’s Facebook page prior to doing business with them. Building Facebook likes, reviews, and content can lead to better credibility.

3. Instagram

Instagram is another great resource when wanting to grow your business. It is harder to be “seen” on Instagram, due to the ever-changing algorithm. With that being said, if a business can build its page properly, and post the right content for its audience, it can be highly effective. In addition, a properly set up page can also help you raise brand awareness which is crucial in order to be recognized in today's competitive and often oversaturated markets.

4. Tiktok

Tiktok started out attracting a lot of Gen Z but has reached more generations since being launched. If a business can think of a creative way to make themselves stand out, they can go “viral”. Tiktokers tend to follow pages that provide funny, informative, or relatable content. Video marketing is highly popular and is expected to grow even more in 2022 and beyond.

Overall, social media platforms are a great marketing tool for businesses. Learning how to properly use social media to it's potential is essential when trying to brand a business. Staying up-to-date on algorithm and structural changes, as well as social media trends will help your business get ahead in your industry.

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